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xplorer², a powerful windows file manager and explorer replacement / alternative

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Hey jgpaiva,

I'll be glad to do a comparison:

colour extensions: different extensions get different colours
--- End quote ---

If this means what I think it does, yup, you can specify which files to be color coded.. by what ever filters you set in the Color Coding dialog.

Now I noticed with XYplorer that the color coding options are not as customizable.. In x² you can color code any file type as well as any file that fits some attribute/property.. such as being hidden, being a system file, containing some text.. there are many of these attributes/properties you can set, they are boolean values.

I also noticed you have more color customization with x², you can choose the background color AND the foreground as well as make the hilited item appear in bold face.

Customizable keyboard shortcuts,
yes x² is very customizable, ALT-C in x² is the equivilant to XYplorer's CTRL+P (what copies the file path to the clipboard) ;) To see the key mappings in x², go to "Customize > Keyboard use..."

grid look: the list can be configured in a zebra-like grid so that it's easier to see all the columns of an item
--- End quote ---
If this also means what I think it does, yup, you can turn on
"grid lines in detailed mode" in Tools > Options > Window.

Although, there is no "zebra striping" option. Although I'm sure the author of x²  could add alternating backgrounds for each list item quite easily if needed or requested :) As a matter of fact, the alternating colors do make a hell of a difference, maybe I might request this feature (if not already requested).

Autosize Columns
Yes, x² has an "autosize columns" in the View menu.. You can also save column groups/sets so you can switch between different ones for different folders.

I think that's all  ;D

Thanks a lot mitzevo!
Then i think i should also have a look at X2 :)

I own a license for Xplorer² and don't realise just how much I love it, until I use a machine without it installed!

My girlfriend's laptop has UltraExplorer which is good, and free, but it just ain't quite Xplorer2!

Nice review, mitzeo - congratulations! The File Management market is very competitive with both shareware and freeware alternatives available. xplorer2 looks very nice - solid.

Nice review Mitz!

somebody needs to do a review of TC.
I just got it, so I'm not ready. But I did move from dopus to TC, and I think TC is king!


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