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No August 2007 Discounts

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Ah crap! I should have made that connection - I love the FSM! (Note to self: when looking for the correct mini-banner to click on, click on the one that has the SAME initials as the mystery acronym... that way you won't waste five minutes staring at tinjaw's page going "WTF?"  :-[).

Hah! Last.fsm ! That would be a great mashup  :Thmbsup:

I realize this just cracks everyone up, but personally, I found myself getting angry.  In fact, I am angry.

It's more or less just another straw in the hat of how screwed up the people in this world can be.

But mouser...  I realize there are idiots who no matter what, will not be pleased.  But now you have taught the rest of those same idiots who aren't smart enough to "annoy" DonationCoder how to do so?

You are truly a glutton for punishment.   ;)

I gave, not because I had plenty of money at the time, but because I believed in DonationCoder.  And for good cause it turns out.  I believe DonationCoder was barely six months old when I gave.  To see it still thriving years later makes me ever so tingly.

To hear that someone else is finding fault in such a great place just because is flabbergasting.  I guess that is what makes an idiot and idiot right?  Illogical madness that makes normal people boggle at the level and intricacy of their idiocy.

Anyway... I plan on requesting a member kit.  Can you tell me how much it is though so I don't have to feel bad that this makes the 2nd time I'll be receiving it?  The first time my kids doodled on all the paper and stole my stickers.  This time I plan on putting them to good use.

I'm going to put them all over the stuff they don't want stickers on.  Muahahaha!

Oh, and if possible can I request extra of the tiny stickers?  I've got 4 kids and they've got *plenty* of stuff for me to tag.

To hear that someone else is finding fault in such a great place just because is flabbergasting.
--- End quote ---

Hmm, cthorpe (Carl Thorpe) is our volunteer official discount coordinator and he was not whining about no discounts for programs this month (or maybe he was? :P).

Anyway I really don't think anyone was finding fault. Who would?  ;)

I think perhaps fowmow wanted to post his reply in this thread? At least there it would have made some sense :)


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