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KenR's health and situation

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My surgery isn't tomorrow
-KenR (August 20, 2007, 01:41 PM)
--- End quote ---

Are you sure?  :P

Mouser - sorry I cast aspersions on you like that - I was only pointing out how dark the humour was (but I appreciated it!); I certainly didn't mean to suggest that you think any less of Ken than we know that you do. Ken's presence on this forum has been huge and very positive, I know that everyone here wishes him a speedy recovery.

Hi Ken,

I would like to wish you all the luck a person can have in this moment. I hope your recover can be fast and your life better after the surgery.

All the best.

Hey man, sorry I didn't see this topic sooner, or I would have said something. Please let us know as soon as you are through with your surgery and feeling better, because I know that you'll do fine and make it out as a better person. Thanks for all your time you have spent with the dc community. :Thmbsup:

Ken I know what a terrible time you have been going through and I know what a great guy you are.  I have known you for many years and I was surprised to see these posts.  I am pleased to add my best wishes to everyone's here!

I am wishing you are soon without any pain and back into helping those that need your help.  Take care my friend,

Marilyn R :Thmbsup: 


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