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anything to learn from this?

What do you think, ur1sn00per?

If you use FARR, what new exciting features would you like to see in FARR v2?

seems like more of a launchbar (e.g. LaunchBar Commander, True Launch Bar) than a keyboard-based launcher (e.g. FARR, Launchy).

(note: people have suggested that LaunchBar Commander and FARR be merged).

One thing that really bugs me about FARR is its inability to catch the limelight (thanks Rush) despite being more capable than other launchers. OK, this is not a problem of FARR or his programmer or the user community in general, but it really pisses me off seeing software like Launchy and hype-machines like Enso getting all the attention on major sites. And even when FARR make its appearance in a post (not in the comments, but in the main post) it's quickly forgotten by the author and get replaced by the 'template' that is Launchy, as if the guy has to talk about FARR because he get forced to do it. And the thing is getting worse as time passes, as it seems everyone and their dog is developing a launcher, last one I heard about, Executor, featured on the Software page of Neowin.

answer = dumb farr down so the masses aren't confused by something with more than 3 options. and give it eye candy right out of the box.

seriously, how about making a junior version of farr that is designed simply to please the reviewers and users that find farr a bit too much. just keep it really basic but trendy in appearance - give it a swanky web2.0 style website all to itself and let the acclaim flood in. perhaps.


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