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What is a good partition manager for Windows Vista

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I'm sticking to Windows XP as long as I can. But I had to buy my son a laptop that is bundled with Vista - so much for free choice.

So I would like to partition the harddisk.

Can anyone suggest a good Partitioning software that works with Vista. Of course if it's freeware, so much the better.

Paragon Partition Manager is what I use under Vista.

Tried that on my dell. Didn't let me do partitions.
BTW, vista has its own partition manager. google for it.

Thanks urlwolf and Wordzilla.

And I say thanks to Mouser for building this fantastic Donationcoder community.

Resize a Partition for Free in Windows Vista :: the How-To Geek
"Resize a Partition for Free in Windows Vista

Windows Vista includes a built-in functionality in Disk Management to shrink and expand partitions. No more 3rd party utilities needed!"

However, take note that there are limitations (as usual) to the native Vista partitioning software. You can only extend the volume if there's contiguous space. So if you have existing data, this may prove a challenge. In my case, I just deleted the empty partition, shrank my C partition and repartition the unallocated space from shrinking and deleting of the empty partition which becomes a contiguous space presumably.

So if you have existing data in D partition, like I have, the Native Vista Partition manager actually becomes useless and you are probably better with things like Paragon Partition Manager or maybe something like Partition Magic (assumuing they come up with a Vista version.)

Wordzilla, may I ask what is your experience with Paragon Partition Manager ?

Do you encounter problems etc with it ?



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