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Opera goes FREE!

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I Love opera but since I cant get support of RoboForm I just stopped using it. Amazing how a simple little add on is more important to me then the browser which I do consider superior.
-vamp07 (September 21, 2005, 06:28 AM)
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Agreed, I get flamed every time I make a post requesting it on opera's forums. They sit there and whine about extensions being bad for a browser from a security standpoint, but I feel that if a user is dumb enough to hit OK every time some site asks them to install something, then they A. Need to be educated and B. Shouldnt be browsing sites that would attempt to install these things automatically. Plus, with opera, they could easily make a system where only approved "extensions" if you will, work with the browser. AI Roboform puts the wand to shame in many aspects and opera's form fill capability leaves ALOT to be desired (Yes, I know you can use the notes feature, but why should I have to do that when I can simply hit one button and BAM, fill everything on the form?). Oh well, I guess its hopeful at best since the userbase on seem hell bent on making it so that opera doesnt get extensions. Freedom of choice is good, lack thereof will be opera's downfall I feel. Firefox got where it is for being customizable in EVERY ASPECT not just the UI or its INI files. You dont have to sift through mounds of ini files to get firefox to do what you want, with opera you do. Yes, you can argue that having everything built right in is a good thing, but isnt that the same thing microsoft is getting hounded over? Building everything into the os? Same principle here (I Know its not exactly the same thing as an OS != a browser, but the principle is still the same). Give the user a choice of what they want in their browser, dont force them to use what the devs put in which in some cases is subpar as they only do enough to get it in there and working in a basic sense. Opera is by far a superior browser in every aspect to firefox, but firefox has that one thing (as mentioned above) that opera doesnt, FREEDOM OF CHOICE.


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