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A Practical Guide to Forum Search

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Viewing all matching posts in topic with one click after search

The search result pages only quote the most recent matching post to your search criteria, for each topic listed. Yes, EVEN though there may be dozens of relevant posts that you’d like to read in that topic.
With just one click, you are able to view all matching posts in that topic, in full message:

After clicked on the link, we were viewing all matching posts in that topic (as shown below).

What’s more?! Have a look at "Adjust Your Search Parameters box", isn't it effortless now to further adjust parameters to search even deeper into the topic?  ;)

Sort search results live

There's absolutely NO need now to go back to Advanced Search, select "sort by Most recent topics first" and start a new search -- if you just want to go through the most recent matching topics.

It's super-easy now, just click on the dark blue "Date Posted" link and you'll get all topics well sorted by date -- latest first, oldest last, and click on "Date Posted" again to sort in the reverse direction -- oldest first, latest last. Simple.

Sort results by relevance, reply count, or date, in either ascending or descending (default) order.



That's a very helpful and nicely presented summary, thanks!


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