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Anyone actually use windows system restore if so,does it work.

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Restore in XP grabs a snapshot of your registry, I think limited, and a fairly limited snapshot of your files on hdd. If you set a restore point, install software, uninstall software, and do system restore you're probably very close to where you started. Anything beyond that can be iffy -- it may or may not delete added files/folders/reg entries. Vista uses a shadow copy of existing files, like a backup, so restoring the system is dramatically better -- however the shadow copies disappear if the hdd is opened in another OS, like XP, so dual boot folks beware.

My experience with System Restore was not good - usually wound up messing things up more than helping... I've long since gone with a combo of Acronis True Image and Genie Backup Manager Pro to get me out of jams... Doesn't help the OP much, though. I'd suggest (late as I am to the discussion) setting a Restore Point before restoring and backing the file up somewhere so that if things are even more messed up than before the restore you can get back to your original starting point. I realize that the above is the textual equivalent of me mumbling with a mouth full of dry oats but hope the overall message made it through... I'm not too erudite at the best of times; today is a particularly bad day (up since 3 am)!

My experience with it in the past have been that while it can help, it also creates just as many problems as it solves. Why? Simply because it isn't a complete backup/restore system. Because of this, it can leave lots of broken applications on your system it you don't install them in the default Windows folders (program files etc.).
However, if you did a restore point just before the cleaning and have made no changes to your system after that I think you should be just fine.

Personally, I'm using Rollback Rx and I'd recommend it or something like it in the future :)

On my Win2k machine I ran Winalysis 3 before switching to Acronis and Genie. It's more configurable than System Restore, provides you with the option of complete file backups, and is more reliable than SysRestore. I haven't tried it under XP so can't comment on its effectiveness on more recent versions of Windows, but I never had a problem with it.

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