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Anyone actually use windows system restore if so,does it work.

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I think i borked my system with some registry cleaning (never again) anyhow....
I'd hate do a complete reformat,does the system restore leave the machine sluggish after it "fixes" things?

when its worked for me its worked ok, usually doesnt work at all tho lol

I haven't used it in XP yet, but it has saved my butt quite a few times in WinME.

If you have the restore points to work with, it can work well...but if you don't, you are out of luck.

It won't leave your machine sluggish when it's least not any more than it was when the restore point was made.

But any software you installed after the restore point was made, you may have to reinstall. And any settings changes you have made in some programs may be lost, if they were done after the restore point.

What this does is replace the registry and system files with a copy of what was made as a backup when the restore point was made.

It can take quite a while to do, sometimes. So be prepared to have to wait.

Thanks guys,i've been pounding away at a few problems with Dial-a-fix,and massive data mining of the internet,i've said it before and i'll say it again,this has to be one of the more educated and polite forums,not to be smug or snobbish but in my research,one of which problems being a taskbar that would not keep my settings (now resolved) i must of come across twenty or so forums that was baked in spam and ads so obnoxious,i know ya gotta turn a buck for the bandwidth,but don't make something pop up every time i drag my mouse accross the screen.

I've also been medicating a migraine that actually put me in the emergency room.A cat scan and an i.v. of dilaudid later they wanted to do a spinal tap,went with the drug treatment instead,Oxycodone is a fun little pain killer.
Kills the pain,and gives you that nice warm feeling like being buzzed on beer without the bloat.

Once again thanks for responses.

Carol Haynes:
If you have been messing with the registry System Restore may well work as it takes a snapshot of the registry as a restore point. I'm not sure though if it snapshots the whole registry as it seems a bit quick for that.

For future reference:

* Don't bother with registry cleaners (esp. in automatic mode) they always cause more problems than they solve. Automatic registry cleaning absolutely WILL hose your system - even on a clean install of windows it will find hundreds of registry errors to correct simply because MS does things in non standard ways in Windows - and if you install MS Office you get hundreds of errors more. Correct any of those MS errors and problems will come back to haunt you in the future - long after you forgot you did a registry cleanup ... by that time the only solution is a complete fresh install.

* If you must clean up the registry take a backup of the registry before you do it and manually work though all the errors found to find the right correction! You can do that easily using the built in backup utility unser Start > Accessories > System Tools or use a better reg backup application.

The only thing I do these days to the registry (apart from the odd manual edit) is to occasionally compress/defrag it using Resplendent Registry Manager. I'm not sure it does a huge amount of good but it does seem to make startup a bit quicker (briefly).


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