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Anyone actually use windows system restore if so,does it work.

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In my experience System Restore is far from perfect. I have used it to get me out of scrapes but as other respondents have observed it doesn't undo everything you've done so bits of files are still left on the hard drive making removal or reinstallation problematic. And yes, the respondent who said that program links still exist in the Start menu is quite correct and it's a real pain in the ass to deal with. Use Ystem restore as a last resort indeed, because as far as XP is concerned that's really all it's good for in my honest opinion.

Clive, thank you for reminding me of Erunt, I must reinstall it. ;D

never worked for me when i really needed it too!  to be honest I have also used Acronis and maybe something else I forget, none of them were any good. I had to do a fresh instal

Acronis has been brilliant for me. The only time I tried System Restore was under XP and it worked *OK* (think: So far, so good, but far from good!). I've not used System Restore under either Vista or Win7. Haven't used the built in system backup feature, either.


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