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Fresh Perspectives on Insanity


mouser me made me think of this blog entry about the NY Times going dark today by forced subscriptions to view its copyrighted content, which led me to link to Joseph Jaffe's VidLit titled, Life After the 30-second Spot. Video Literature, or VidLit as it is called is one of the best uses of Flash and vector graphics online.


When you have the time, check out Liz Dubelman's vidlit, Craziest. It's one of the coolest things I've ever seen!

Carol Haynes:
Hey I really like Craziest ... thanks for pointing it out.

I know some scrabble nuts who will be getting emails ;-)

Have you looked at  .... now I want to see the play - but NY is a bit expensive for a night out  :down:

Yea, it is hilarious. How I Paid for College is great, too.

That was crazy (err..Craziest)....

Very well done and interesting Flash.

I like the line "The father of a seer"

When it was her chance to play the Triple-Triple, I liked when she said: "It was time to tell the truth," and "If he knew he was in bad health, he shouldn't have played the game!"


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