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For that, you really need to edit your grids to make sure that everywhere you see "monitor2bottom", you replace with "monitor2bottom+20" (assuming the toolbar takes 20pixels). You probably should also replace "monitor2height" with "monitor2height-20", to make sure the height of the screen is also adjusted correctly.

I have also written a grid for an Eyefinity set up. This one has bezel compensation built in and very easy instructions for changing the values to match your specific bezel compensation needs (couldn't find a way to add variables). Additionally, its easy to change the trigger area size for both the top trigger area and the sides.

The basic layout is that of default Windows 7, with snapping to the full width and height of a monitor, or half of either side.

EDIT: Upgraded grid to deal with different bezel compensation amounts for the left and right bezels.
Plan on adding vertical snapping for top and bottom halfs of the screen as well as moving full screen to center.

DJ Azero:
Wow! It's supertool! Today've been looking for a suitable me scheme, did not find suitable. Quickly understand and wrote his.

Scheme for two monitors. The screen is divided into several halves, thirds and fourths in many variants. Intuitively located zones and expanders on the edges of the screen. Just try!

I had long dreamed about a similar program for Windows and now I'm completely happy, tomorrow will share with colleagues! Greetings from Russia!

Hi guys new to all this gridmove stuff and making grids am looking for a very simple 8 window 1 screen grid all the same size 2 rows 4 columns. really dont need any special features if anyone could help i would be very grateful yours the ever noobish Sydney :D

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

So I bought a 42in UHD/monitor and needed a window manager. Found GridMove and the rest is history. Built this grid to be mouse driven and capable of generating multiple window configurations on the fly. I use this simultaneously with Gridy a snap-to-grid based window manager to fill in where this grid has limitations. When these two are used in tandem it works like magic.

Grid Size: 12(w) x 10(h)
Triggers: 840 (36x30)
Features: Mouse driven, nine direction grid, suitable for UHD monitors
Monitors supported:1 (only because of the number of triggers which seem to stop rendering properly at around 1250. If you don't need to see the triggers this can be easily adapted for multiple monitors.)
First Load: ~8 secs
Built using spreadsheet



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