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GridMove: Grids Here

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Keeping it simple: Dual & Quad splits.
Additionally, the top left quarter has an optional split down its middle, for when you want two small (notepad) windows in there.

In the first pic below, the divisions represented by broken (dotted) lines are optional.
The second pic shows you the layout of the triggers.
The triggers are not as big as their corresponding areas, which makes it easy to "undo" the move by letting go of the mouse button outside of a trigger, and gives you more options.

Same as above, but adds roughly a 66%/33% horizontal split to any 2nd monitor in pivot mode.

So almost 4 years ago i made xipergrid1 with 66 positions using all combinations of 1/3, 1/2, 2/3.

Had a need today for some more options so i dug up the script and spent a few hours updating it. Presenting... xipergrid2 with 148 positions along the same theme using all combinations of 1/6, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 5/6 (+4 centered positions). Supports two monitors, script provided, free to use/modify/include as you like.

Love the program but I am disappointed to see nothing recent in the way of development.  Is this project no longer being maintained?

My grid for a 3x1 Eyefinity setup.

1. Full screen left monitor
2. Full screen middle monitor
3. Full screen right monitor
4. Left half of left monitor
5. Right half of left monitor
6. Left half of middle monitor
7. Right half of middle monitor
8. Left half of right monitor
9. Right half of right monitor
10. Left monitor "On Top"
11. Middle monitor "On Top"
12. Right monitor "On Top"
13. Left side full screen across all 3 monitors (for when Eyefinity is disabled)
14. Right side full screen across all 3 monitors (for when Eyefinity is disabled)

Attached is a screen capture and the grid.

Is it possible on my second monitor to have all grids ignore the bottom section of the screen? I have Display Fusion and the grids make the windows extend passed the second taskbar I have on there.


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