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GridMove: Grids Here

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What an excellent app!!!! Thank-you very much!

...and it comes with an excellent additional bonus: it lets me move/resize modal windows (that I am not allowed to move/resize manually, because they are waiting for another window to be closed). This is something that bugs me everyday, and lo-and-behold, gridmove is the solution!

I am VERY happy with this!!!

thanks jgpaiva :) apart from needing this i have actually had a bit of fun messing around with the little orange boxes.


i'm posting my Grrrid! without screenshots for now as it is incomplete and 'cause i'm half dead at the moment.

to do:
* add other display layouts.
* add links to plugins.
* fiddle with triggers 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. (create big big targets or remain unobtrusive?)

Cool grid, shift3r!

On my computer it looks like a mess (because I'm currently working only on the laptop, at 1280x800), however I can see how well organized it is for large screens!
I think it only needs some 1/3 and 2/3 spaces, I find those very useful (browser on the 2/3 and IM on 1/3 ;) ).

heh. it must look like hell with all the absolute padding :S

i was mainly only aiming to get the elements of main display plotted (located?). then i was going to run back over it and see what could be done to make it simpler. then i can just run a mirror of it onto two smaller displays either side of it. (adding controls to the main display's Grid too)

I think it only needs some 1/3 and 2/3 spaces, I find those very useful (browser on the 2/3 and IM on 1/3 ;) ).
-jgpaiva (August 28, 2009, 06:42 AM)
--- End quote ---

elements 1 and 2 are!

my display is 16:10. i designed my Grid by dividing quarters for height and sixths for width, as a region guide. after some testing i chose 15/24, 9/24 both at 3/4 height. after my next edit i will have tried adding the option of 'full height' to each one in a similar way to the overlapping "centre" triggers of elements 3 and 4 (choice of half or 3/4 display size; centred).

Oh, I guess I must have missed a few spaces due to the overlapping :)
I'll test it when I'm at home with my larger monitor ;)



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