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I just discovered this nifty little tool and immediately had to make my own grid. As it took me a couple of hours, I certainly want to share it with you now!

The grid is called 100possibilities, because it offers you exactly one hundert possibilities to position a window.

The screen basically is divided in 4x4 equally sized rectangles, where you can position the window anyway you like. The grid may look a bit complicated in the beginning (and you should really disable the numbers), but the usage is actually rather intuitive:

* To occupy a single cell of the grid, just drag the window in the center of the cell.
* To occupy two adjacent cells, drag the window in the middle between the cells.
* To occupy three adjacent cells, drag the window in the space between the 'cell hotspot' and the 'two adjacent cells hotspot'.
* If you drag the mouse horizontally, you only change the width of the window.
* If you drag the mouse vertically, you only change the height of the window
* To occupy e.g. 2x2, 2x3, etc. cells, drag the window to the 'two adjacent cells hotspot' and drag slightly upwards or downwards from there.
* To occupy any formation across the whole screen (e.g. one whole column, two whole columns=left/right half of the screen, two whole rows=lower/upper half of the screen, etc.) just drag along the border of the screen.
* To abort the move, drag to one corner of the screen.
I hope someone finds the grid useful!

Ok, people please don't take this wrongly, but lujomu's grid is just... Perfect!
It goes beyond grids, it's VERY flexible, and I agree with its 100 possiblities, if you have a screen large enough to use it, it allows you to place windows EXACTLY as you'd like, and it's impressive how easy it is to use!
I was like "man, it's impressive how he predicted how I'm going to move the mouse to extend this area to the one on its left/right".

Thank you very much, lujomu. I'm glad you took the time to make this grid :)

If you don't mind, I'd like to include this grid as a default grid with GridMove in the next release I make!

I'm really glad you like it, as it was a lot of work to plan the mostly overlapping hotspot fields to not have multiple hotspots for a single window position. This reduced the hotspot count from 221 (if you made a single hotspot for every rectangle you see in the grid) to just 99 per screen. So you see, the 100 possibilities are not just an estimation, they are counted (99 different window positions + maximized window)!

Actually I created the grid for my 21" monitor in mind, but as I started testing it on my 13.3" notebook display, I was really amazed on how well it works even on that small screen! Admitted, a single cell window won't be too useable in the most cases (maybe big enough for a instant messanger window though?), but who says you have to use cell-sized windows? Even the smaller hotspots (for the more eccentric dimensions like 3x2 or 3x3) are still big enough to be selected easily!

If you don't mind, I'd like to include this grid as a default grid with GridMove in the next release I make!
-jgpaiva (September 12, 2008, 07:39 PM)
--- End quote ---
Sure, go ahead. It would be an honor to me!

The only drawback I found with this grid so far is, that it sometimes needs a couple of seconds to show up. I assume this is due to almost 200 hotspots for two monitors. And this brings me to some suggestion for GridMove:
* Would it be possible to use something like e.g. [MonitorTop] instead of [Monitor1Top] and [Monitor2Top], to specify the hotspots for all connected monitors? Thus reducing the number of hotspots to a half if you use the same grid on all monitors.
* I would really like to be able to define my own variables in the grid-files. This could make the grid-files easier to adapt and easier to read and understand. Explanation:
SpoilerThen instead of writing the following lines multiple times ...

--- ---...
TriggerTop = [Monitor1Top]  + [Monitor1Height] / 32 *  2
TriggerBottom = [Monitor1Top]  + [Monitor1Height] / 32 *  6
TriggerLeft = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width]  / 32 *  2
TriggerRight = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width]  / 32 *  6
... I could for example write the following:

--- ---...
spacer1 = 32 *  2
spacer2 = 32 *  6
line1hor = [MonitorTop]  + [MonitorHeight] / spacer1
line1vert = [Monitor1Left]  + [Monitor1Width] / spacer1
line2hor = [MonitorTop]  + [MonitorHeight] / spacer2
line2vert = [Monitor1Left]  + [Monitor1Width] / spacer2
TriggerTop = line1hor
TriggerBottom = line2hor
TriggerLeft = line1vert
TriggerRight = line2vert
This way it would be easy to adapt the proportions of the grid easily.
If any of my suggestions are already possible, I apologize in advance for my ignorance. As I said, I just discovered GridMove yesterday and may certainly have missed something.

If any of my suggestions are already possible, I apologize in advance for my ignorance. As I said, I just discovered GridMove yesterday and may certainly have missed something.
-lujomu (September 13, 2008, 02:59 AM)
--- End quote ---
And you made this complex grid? Incredible! :D

About your suggestions..
Adding [MonitorTop] wouldn't really help much, speed-wise. The problem is that drawing the grid for that many "hotspots" (yeah, that sounds WAY better than grid elements :)) takes some time. Usually, for smaller grids, this isn't noticeable.
About defining your own variables... I think someone also suggested that, and I think it makes sense. I'm not sure if I could do it, but I'll add it to my todo list :)

First grid here. I tried GridMove and my first thought was: "It doesn't work, WTF!". It seems that Google Chrome handles windows by itself, mimicking vista look and feel using some weird libraries on XP. (note to Joao: It doesn't move them at all, possible bug or exception?)

Anyway as soon as I tried it with my usual soft I felt in love, and of course had to tweak grids. I liked dualscreen, so took a look at grid file... Oh god, no grid file. No gvim to the rescue, let's read some code. No luck.

Anyway, I don't discover such gems everyday so had to try it. My setup is two Dell 20" widescreens, one horizontal in front, one vertical on right hand side. Excogitation grid seemed so cool but needed to change it so I get split 1/2 on vertical monitor  and a couple of maximize edges for my lovely 1050x1680 Word. I tried hard but I'm unable to fix a weird issue.

In my grid file I defined 26 groups. Gridmove parses it ok, but only displays 24. I have no clue about what's going on. Group 15 and 16 are not displayed, and triggers move to next defined group. I labeled them pesty top left 1/2, pesky bottom left 1/2. Grid is usable right now, and those groups wouldn't not be used so often by me so I decided to contribute with my file. Can anyone detect why does it jump some groups?

Thank you all, I've learned so much reading your contributions!


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