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GridMove featured on LifeHacker


Hey all, I didn't see this on this site already, but I can't imagine that some of you wouldn't know already, GridMove was featured on LifeHacker.

I work on a 21" widescreen monitor, so I rarely maximize windows to cover my full desktop. In fact, I find that working with two windows side-by-side is a major productivity boon for me. As such, I'm loving GridMove, which makes it easy for me to snap windows into clean, pre-defined spaces so that I don't have to resize them and. . .
--- End quote ---

Yeah! Definitelly cool!
It's fantastic to know that people consider something i did as a good program!
It also got some pretty positive comments which is an even better bonus.

Many thanks to DonationCoder for helping me out in developing and getting this program out!
And don't forget the owner of this grand idea... Nudone!  :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:


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