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A place to share Cursors, Icons, etc at DC?

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I've become quite fond of DC and I enjoy creating themes cursors etc and was wondering if there was a place I could share them here at DC?

Maybe DC is only a place for coding? not for sharing graphics, art, etc, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Lemme know.

I would assume that you could, as lots of people here at DC seem to do graphics work. Not my dept. but I (personally) really wouldn't see why not. Hopefully mouser will pop in here and shed some light on it.

Oh, I guess I should clarify, I was thinking of sharing .ani, .ico files dunno if that would be a problem.  Normally web browsers don't support these formats as viewable.

Yea, if you were going to freely distribute them you could start up a topic in the Announce your Software/Service/Product section, and just upload them individually (You can't use the Quick Reply to upload, though) or zip them and upload em. I don't think that, like you said, most browsers have support for those formats.

(just a reminder: upload the zip but provide a nice looking png file of the icon(s) and cursor(s), etc. so that we can see ALL of the content inside the zip.)

i'm looking forward to seeing your work.


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