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Farr Alias: nircmd alias

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Here's an alias that uses nircmd to do several useful functions :)

Here's the table describing this alias:

CommandDescriptionExamplecmdList all the commandscmdScreensaverStart your ScreensaverscreensaverMonitorTurn your monitor on or offMonitor on or Monitor offLockPcLock your computer (the same as pressing windows+L)LockPcSet ResolutionSet the resolution of your computer (width, height and depth)SetRes 800 600 32ChangeVolumeIncrease or Decrease the master volume of your computer (varies from 0 to 65)ChangeVol +10 or ChangeVol -10MuteToggle the mute status the computer soundmute or unmuteRebootRestart the computerReboot or RestartShutdownShutdown computerShutdown or PowerOffStandbyGet the computer in standby stateStandbyLogoffLogoff from the current sessionLogoff
Note: Everything assigned in bold is a farr keyword. If you find any keyword is too long, just type part of it, then when it's the first result, press tab to autocomplete.

nice work, jgp.. :up: i also would like to propose that a child board for Farr's aliases & plugins would make it easier to locate them.. :)

good point lanux, though i am in the process of building a new farr2 page, and here is one of the subpages:

probably still a good idea to make a child board dedicated to such things.

i forgot that you're in the midst of building a Farr2 page, mouser.. btw, that page looks cool.. :)

Sorry, I know this thread is kind of old, but could someone please explain how to install this plugin? It would really help if these things came with readme's...



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