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IDEA: Create a containing folder by right clicking on a file

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thanks for the code. (something i'll have to look at when i can dedicate a bit of time.)

Fantastic idea. This is a keeper. Hope you continue to work on this but if not many thanks

( I know work gets in the way )

When I click on filenanny.exe I get....Nothing?

Re downloaded and working..... :D

Just what I need to organize my downloaded .exe files! :Thmbsup:

Hi ak_,

really nice tool! Thank you.

Maybe the next version could have an edit field on the configuration dialogue. This would be a way to customize the text that appears in context menu. My entry would be "Go to your room !" (as found in the source code). But it might not be worth the effort because of error checking would have to be in place as well. I'm not sure what happens when you register a display string with punctuation characters. I will do a bit of research myself, but I have to go now and watch the snooker.

Please don't regard this as a feature request, it's just a thought. I really like utilities that are small, easy to set up and easy to use. Thanks for the code as well, I can translate the strings to display to German myself, if I need to do so for my family.



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