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IDEA: Create a containing folder by right clicking on a file

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Hi ak

Nice work on all the modifications. You have created a very nice little program, and as word spreads people will probably post download links to get your program. As the thread on here gets longer, mention of the possible need to refresh windows explorer will get buried. I think an auto refresh F5 addition at the end of the script would be very useful. Otherwise, people who download your program may think it's not working. If you don't feel like updating it again, I think you should add information to the nfo file about the possible need to F5 explorer. Thanks again.

Hello all.
You know I really can't remember how I came to find this thread today but I am glad I did :)
Reading through, it is interesting to see the changes made from the start up to where the program is up to now.
Let me say thank you so much for this useful utility!!
It's great.
EDIT: Let me just add that, as I have browsed this thread I have downloaded and tried each development and looked at the changes and the versions.
After trying the most recent one I decided to go back... I'm not criticising here, it is just that I only need the functions that your version number  gives me.
To do the original function of file>folder and the added bonus option of choosing the name of the created folder.
I must admit though, it was the refresh thing that helped me decide  :-[
Maybe it's just the amount of coffee I drink - no patience!
Seriously though the older one is great for me.  I don't need any archiving etc functions.
This program fills a gap where nothing, as far as I know, has done in the past.
I really love it and have used it a few times already sisnce just having downloaded it less than an hour ago!
Cheers   :Thmbsup:

Hi GimmeAreason. I'm glad you like FileNanny.

About this "refresh" thing, it really bugs me because i really don't see how changing my code could affect the way explorer displays newly created folders. I just don't get it :tellme: Are you sure this refresh thing only happens with the last versions ?

I'd love to have a look at the problem but i don't know how since i can't recreate the bug (it works fine on my computer, even if i'm using explorer).

I just tested it by going through the versions and it seems that the version I quoted there is the last one that doesn't have that 'problem'.
It is strange I agree. As if there is something causing a delay or hang but I know there is nothing much happening behind the scenes once the program has done the folder creation renaming etc so erm...I'm no programmer at all apart from some customisations of windows with various batchfiles and the odd vbs script so I can't help I'm afraid - wish I could!
Is it a good idea to add an auto refresh after every file move?
Would that interfere with anything else explorer wise I wonder?
I will watch this space as it's interesting to see it develop. 
Like a mini soap opera you have going here  :D

I'm a little confused here. What are you referring to when you say "version" ? Because i started version numbering two releases ago so i never (intentionally) released a version :D


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