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IDEA: Create a containing folder by right clicking on a file

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Oh, and i forgot to mention that Gothi[c] kindly created me a dcmembers account before i has to ask so the site should be up soon :)

Ok, me again.

Here is the last version of FileNanny :

There is now an option to move similar files (same name, different extension). Just double-click FileNanny.exe, go to the "Options" tab and check "Move similar files".


nogojoe> can you explain your request please ? I'm sorry, i didn't get it :)

-ak_ (November 05, 2008, 06:32 AM)
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Hi ak_

what I was meaning was once filenanny had done its job and put the file into a folder the next step for me is to archive that folder ie  move that folder to "I" drive.
Am just wondering if that move could be incorporated into filenanny ie an option to select a folder which to archive (move) the filenannied folders to.
thanks  nogojoe

Oh ok, i get it, sounds like a good idea :) I'll add this feature.

Lanux> i'm using Subdude everyday too :) I'm thinking of a new version, with better season/episode recognition, but it's tough because there are so many different patterns (the "401,402,403" being the more problematic).-ak_ (November 05, 2008, 06:32 AM)
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i was thinking maybe you can split the 1st digit only since most of the series do not run into double-digit seasons. X-Files stopped at nine but i couldn't think of others.. and i guess i'd be better off posting in the Subdude thread itself before veering off-topic.

btw, thanks for the new version of FileNanny! :Thmbsup:

P.S. what about version numbering? they'd be easier to track. :)


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