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IDEA: Create a containing folder by right clicking on a file

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i posted here about a program that creates new folders from the context-menu. maybe the author will be interested in extending the program by adding the 'click on file' feature.. :)

• Custom Folder v1.2

Here it is : FileNanny

--- ---;; FileNanny
;; "Go to your room !"
;; by ak
Loop, %0% {
param := %A_Index%
SplitPath param, fileName, dirName
StringSplit rawName, fileName, "."
dirToCreate = %dirName%\%rawName1%
FileCreateDir %dirToCreate%
FileMove %param%, %dirToCreate%
Actually, a nice solution is to put a shortcut to fileNanny.exe in the sendTo folder. It works with multiple files.

I quickly created an icon because i don't like software (even crappy little stuff like that) without icon, but i'm not sure the picture is very obvious (i hate using the mouse).
-ak_ (July 28, 2007, 07:11 PM)
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Wow AK. That's the program she wanted. Once the SendTo entry is created, it fits all the requirements that Marlene set forth.

Should I wait to see if Andy's context info can be implemented into FileNanny?

BTW - great name and good icon. I would never have imagined it - a pacifier as the icon. LOL

Thanks for the great effort.

I'm glad to see my little thingie does the job :)

Should I wait to see if Andy's context info can be implemented into FileNanny?-clif_notes (July 30, 2007, 10:46 PM)
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Andy's information is very interesting. Knowing this, it should be easy to add a config GUI to add/remove the context menu entry. I don't know when i'll have the time to work on it because right now i'm in holiday AND i have work to do (tell me about working at home and freedom :P) I think i'll have some time on friday so maybe we should consider that FileNanny is now 1.0 and will be 1.1 on friday :D


Thanks so much for this little program. I have looked for something that will do this for years.

Marlene O

Here's the update.

Just put filenanny.exe anywhere and launch it to run the configuration box. It allows you to add/remove context menu entry and/or 'Send to' shortcut.

You can access the configuration box anytime by launching filenanny.exe again.

I've tested it a lot of times, it seems to be working well. Nevertheless, i'm not 100% happy with it. Indeed, the context menu method is slower than the sendto method because it loads the program for each file instead of passing all files as arguments and letting the script process the loop. If anyone has a solution, i'd be happy to read it :)

I'd also love to add the filenanny icon to the context menu entry but it seems to be quite difficult. Same here : if anyone knows how to do it, please tell me :)


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