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IDEA: Create a containing folder by right clicking on a file

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Your new website looks very good, nice work. I tried your Daddy click utility, loved it, very handy. Your tools are very handy explorer addons.

I don't know if this is the right place to bring up an idea for another tool.  I like the way outlook express handles file deletion. When you delete an email the focus shifts by default to the next email in your inbox. In windows explorer once you delete a file in a folder you must select a new file before you can peform an action. Outlook express lets you sort through a folder of mail easily by using the delete button on the menu bar. It would sure be nice if explorer would work the same way.

I often am working in my livingroom off an HTPC. Using a wireless keyboard and mouse is sometimes very clunky, and frustrating. Having these enhancements helps because the less operations you need to perform the better.

Thanks again for all the useful aps.

Thanks guys :) Don't hesitate to warn me if you see any grammar or syntax error.

Thebigguy> i'll have a look at it but i can't promise anything.

Thanks AK.


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