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IDEA: Create a containing folder by right clicking on a file

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Hi folks,

In my newsletter, I have a section called "What do you want?". Often I can find an existing program that fits the need, and more often others chime in with plenty of ideas.

Here is a request that I figured would be perfect as a coding snack and additionally would make my readers familiar with your services in this forum.

Marlene O wrote the following:
I would really like a little progie that would make a new folder for a file. For instance if I have a zip file called, if I could right click it and have the option to make a folder called reader that I could put it in. I get so sick of right clicking and choosing new then folder then typing in reader. Sounds trivial but it is so annoying when you have fifty files that you want to make a separate folder for each file
folder called

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In this case, I don't believe she is asking to have the program unzip the file into a folder. That is already available to most folks.

I believe she merely wants a folder to store it in. Perhaps the program could also move the file into the containing folder. Another idea might allow selecting more than one file and using those names to create an equal number of folders to contain the files.

Thanks to all.

"the best things in life are  still free"

Yes this is a very good idea, i could use this as well..

So, right click on a FILE, and say "Make Folder and put file(s) in it.."
and it would make a new folder (maybe just make a folder with same name as program minus extension, OR pop up a dialog with default name being this), and then move the file into that folder.  An option to add the date to the folder might be nice too.

Does anyone know of such a program already, or if not care to make one?

Does anyone know of such a program already, or if not care to make one?
-mouser (July 26, 2007, 11:00 PM)
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I did look into this briefly. There are many context menu extension tools. Many will allow you to add new folders from the right click menu in Explorer. I couldn't find any that worked like Marlene wanted it to.

Thanks for the support Mouser.

let's get this made for cliff's gang!
would be a great learning experience as well for a coder (learning how to create a context menu extension).

great idea! i could use a feature like this, esp when going thru downloaded files.. :) also, *cough* *cough* if only this project had taken off.. :-\



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