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IDEA: Prevent Mouse Cursor Crossing Dual Display.


Hi guys.

I have a dual display setup so that each monitor is part of the desktop.  To get from 1 monitor to the other all I have to do is move the mouse to the far right of the main monitor's desktop & beyond.  The mouse will now be on the other monitor.  This is a convenient & simple way to get from one monitor to the other.

However it is a problem when trying to use scrollbars in Explorer, a web browser or any other application.  To get to the scrollbar the habit of quickly moving the mouse to the scrollbar side of the screen has developed because we know that Windows won't let the mouse leave the screen.  But, with multiple monitors you can, now, leave the screen to appear on another.  If you are playing fullscreen video on the other monitor, once you have overshot the primary screen's border you don't know how far from the border you are.  Now that you realise you are on the other screen you will tend to blindly & slowly bring the mouse back to the border trying to find the scrollbar on the original monitor, trying to not waste any more time but trying not to overshoot again in the opposite direction.

I got an idea from AllSnap:   Instead of "snapping" the mouse cursor towards the edge (like a window), you will only "snap" when you have significantly surpassed the edge & end up on the other screen, away from the edge.

Can a program be designed to keep the mouse on a monitor until you well & truly overshoot it.  So you can't slightly encroach upon the adjoining desktop.

Another way to think about it is comparing it to using the scrollbar itself.  When you scroll the mouse can appear to drift away from the scrollbar but the mouse is still controlling the scrollbar so it is as though the mouse isn't where it appears to be.  That is, until you get a significant distance from the scrollbar, the mouse functionality leaves the scrollbar to match the cursor's actual location.  The suggestion I am making will do the opposite.  The mouse cursor won't leave the screen unless the mouse's invisible location is far across the screen border.

Whew!  I think I may have confused myself!

Thanx for looking.

 :) Have you tried ConfineMouse? Not quite what you asked for, but...


No I hadn't.  I don't know how that slipped under the radar.  I still think my original idea has merit for those who spread their windows over multiple desktops but ConfineMouse might be good enough for me at the moment.  Currently I only use the second monitor for video display.


Thanks a lot Skrommel  :) I've found what I'm looking for. ConfineMouse works perfectly I want


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