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DI.FM/SKY.FM Aliases/quick launch via FARR

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let me ask you this.. is there a commandline you could invoke that would open winamp and tell it to go to those stations you mention?
or, is there some windows messages you can send to winamp to cause it to do that?-mouser (November 20, 2008, 11:28 AM)
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Simply doing for instance, winamp.exe "" will open the appropriate file. There is not really a good reason to store the playlist files locally since if the playlist files aren't available at the specified location, the radio itself wont be available either.

Is it easy to make FARR aliases to do things as this? Could I make it automatic, or would I have to include an alias for handling each and every radio station on sky/di?

What I did was create bookmarks (in both Winamp and AIMP) for all the stations listed at It takes a couple of clicks to get to a bookmark, but it's still pretty quick.

An easy solution using FARR would be to right-click and save-as all the links to the stations listed on that SkyFM page, each with a unique name, e.g. "salsa.pls", and put those files where FARR can find them. FARR would then launch whatever player is registered for handling pls playlist fles.

(I love Sky.FM!)
-tranglos (November 20, 2008, 01:22 PM)
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Unfortunately, I don't believe the version of winamp I use supports bookmarks. I hate winamp pro. As a matter of fact, I've yet to find a media player for windows that is satisfactory (however, I love the linux xmms player).

using pls files would also probably have the advantage that:
it would launch winamp if not running, or leave winamp running and just open stream if it was already running (like a browser).
-mouser (November 20, 2008, 01:37 PM)
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Sorry for posting so many times in a row! This is exactly the manner in which winamp works when invoking from the command line in the way I mentioned earlier. Sending messages to winamp is actually quite trivial, they have made it very easy for external programs etc to control and use winamp from my understanding.


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