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I am currently using PDFCreator ( to print PDF files from various documents.

I am looking for a program or a means of printing on an existing PDF file. Using a physical printer, you can run the same piece of paper through the printer twice if you are using the output from two different programs to print one final product. I am looking for a program that would duplicate this functionality.

After a bit of searching, I have not been able to find anything that addresses this need.

Can anyone recommend a program or a method to print on a PDF file?



do you mean like you'd like to draw or type "on" the PDF? (edit it?)
superimpose whatever you want on top of it?

I am looking for a program that would duplicate this functionality.
--- End quote ---
on screen/modifying the file?

just a bit unclear what exactly you're looking for  :)

To me, it sounds like he would like to print a form a bunch of times, then come back later and fill the form in, using his printer, like you might do with a typewriter.

So, the actual piece of paper would be run through a printer twice, the first time it would print the PDF, the second time it would print the filled-in parts (name, date, whatever). The second run would be a lot faster.

What for the3seashells? (if you don't mind me asking...)

Also, just in case you don't already know; there are programs that will let you do what tomos is saying: superimpose additional writing on a PDF which will let you print the original form and the filled-in parts all at once.

Instead of just speaking about the problem in the abstract, I will address it with a specific example.

I am trying to print out PowerPoint (PPT) handouts that use a header and footer from a MS Word template.

I realize PPT has the feature to export to word but it is lacking in several areas. 1) I cannot send the black and white version of the PPT to Word. 2) It is slow and requires a lot of reformatting after sent to Word to properly integrate with my existing Word header and footer.

My hope is to be able to print the black and white PPT handout as a PDF without any text in the header or footer areas. I would then load up my Word template and print the header and footer ‘on top’ of the existing PDF, thereby completing  the document.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Be Well,


Just wondering if FinePrint would do this.

The first document/template/whatever could be sent to FinePrint and saved as a form.
The second then sent to FinePrint and combined with the form.
The resulting document printed - either as hardcopy or sent to a pdf printer.

Haven't tried it - just thought it could suggest a way forward.




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