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Converting DRM protected music files: software recommendations

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If it's Windows Media you're thinking of, then FairUse4WM works for me.

Carol Haynes:
If it's Windows Media you're thinking of, then FairUse4WM works for me.
-katykaty (November 23, 2007, 04:37 PM)
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Works for me with WMA too (inc WMV DRM video) - but doesn't address the format conversion which is required.

If you just want format conversion Goldwave is an excellent cheap sound editor that can convert just about anything you want.

I use TuneBite to convert's audiobooks to MP3 that I can listen to on my Zune. It works well, and unlike other software I've seen, it can convert faster than realtime (that's easy for non-DRM stuff, but it's the only thing I've seen that can get through DRM files this way). And yes, it can convert anything that iTunes or WMP can play. Audible's files go through at 1.8x this way.

(I haven't tried its video processing, though)

Carol Haynes:
I have got SoundTaxi (don't use it much though). The basic version converts at up to 4x normal playback speed, the supadupa (whatever it is called) is supposed to convert at up to 40x playback speed.

Having said that I don't really like the choice of fixed MP3 bit rates provided (and no decent conversion options/tweaking) - I also don't like their activation system which locks it to a single Windows install. Their forum is full of people with difficulties activating, though I have to say when I emailed them recently when I reinstalled for the first time in months I got a new activation code within 48 hours.

How to avoid the Zune "3 plays":


There are still independent musicians and others who want to share the music that they make with others, but without the Zune "3 plays" restriction. Right click on a music file, click on the “Details” tab, and then change the Genre to “Podcast” as shown below. Click “okay”, and the 3-play restriction is void.
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Of course this little workaround should only be used on songs that you’ve recorded, or ones which you have permission to do so - says © CyberNet | CyberNet Forum
-Curt (December 11, 2007, 08:11 AM)
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