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Converting DRM protected music files: software recommendations

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Carol Haynes:
Easiest way for MP4 is just to burn them to a CD in iTunes and then rip them back as MP3.

thanks Carol

after my last post I tried - (was recommended here somewhere) and just got a reply -
seems to work okay, they have my main email address though so hopefully they trustworthy

You have to upload seperate filetypes seperately

Does Carol or anyone else (still) use SoundTaxi ? My reason for asking is that the Suite will be on Bits du Jour & Daily Deals on Monday December 07 2009 for $24 instead of $60, but I am quite busy the next couple of days so I might not have the time to test it. It seems to want to compete with AudialsOne, which I like, but does it work all right?
SoundTaxi editions comparison table:

Carol Haynes:
Sorry don't use converters anymore - don't buy DRMed music as a matter of principle any more.

I know people don't buying CDs but I still find that CDs are better quality and often cheaper than downloading music (at least for the kinds of music I like). Plus you get a shiny box/disk and artwork. I can then rip it to MP3 if I want to listen on my MP3 player.

The other advantage of CDs/DVDs over downloads is that when you are sick of them you can flog them or give them away which reduces the cost even more. Something you can't do legally with downloads.

If you don't like the clutter and old computer CD box (or in my case 5.25" floppy box) can store hundreds of CDs - just chuck the cases and slide the CD into the notes booklet.

The good people at SoundTaxi tell me there program removes DRM protection legally and whats more compared to Audials TuneBite a license for SoundTaxi includes upgrades fro life.

I hope to be able to share 1 or 2 coupon(s) with you in the next 24 hours or so


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