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How to punish DonationCoder if you are angry at being nagged to donate

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I must say, I find it surprising how much anger can be generated by someone who finds out that they need to get a key (at no cost) to supress nags in free software.

I can understand that someone might decide they don't want to bother, but to actually get angry over it simply amazes me.

Bah! I have to make a donation of 1 cent just to make you lose 1 or 2 dollars, and wait for that survival kit! It's not worth the effort to punish DC, as I wanted you to lose millions. I might as well donate or click that little key generator icon, it's easier ;D

Hey, I have a bright idea! Did anyone check those warez sites to see if they have cracked DC software or key generators for those pesky nags screens? :P

Man, you guys are cruel. I would have never thought of this!

you've had people donating a penny?

you've had people donating a penny?
--- End quote ---

sure we have, and it's not a problem.

A donated penny no doubt signifies someone who was not happy about having to donate, but was willing to make the effort, or was made by someone very unsure of what we are doing.  So it's either a protest statement or a toe in water checking the temperature.

Either way it's fine with us.. Some of those people might even decide to make a larger donation in the future when they see we are just trying to run a good place here.  :up:


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