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June 2010 Discount and Giveaway: XYplorer - Winners Posted

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This is FANTASTIC !!  :up: :) :) ;D Thank you :eusa_dance:

I tried ALL (OK, I might have missed one) of the Win Explorer replacements a couple of years ago. This was the best. Unfortunately, it wasn't the one I purchased. And yes, tomos, that is a very nice license. They don't come any better.

I purchased the lifetime license at half price!  Lord, I love a good deal!

Congrats to the winner. :Thmbsup:

It is a great product.I've tweaked it to my liking and still know there is about hundred other features i
haven't even discovered.

For those who missed out on the June promotion here at DC, there's a new 50% off special offer available that is being discussed here on DC forums at Summer Art Madness . The offer ends on Aug 8 so be quick....

BTW, have all the 5 winners from June become members of the XYplorer Beta Forum yet? If not, you're missing out on a great source of help and also the opportunity to help influence the development of the product.


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