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XP or Vista user — take the poll!

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Ralf Maximus:
Well, I didn't really use FDISK.  Call it artistic license.  But I did reinstall over the partition with a fresh copy of Windows 2000.  Why Win2000?  Because I often need to perform retrograde testing on the same operating system as my customers use, and about 1/3 are still on Win2000 SP4.

BTW, Win2000 installed perfectly, found the network right away (*sob*) and allowed me to install everything I needed.  It's been years since I reinstalled 2000, and I'd forgotten how simple things used to be.

DRM?  Eek!  I meant UAC.  Which is closely related to WTF but I digress.

And anybody who says VS6 should not be supported by the current operating system has cursed themselves.  Someday you will try to install an older beloved/necessary application and be foiled by the New Hotness (whatever that may be) and on that day I will magically appear, point my finger at you and say, "HA! Sir, and HA! again."

I bought a Toshiba notebook with Vista Home Premium on it yesterday morning and am just waiting for the store to open so that I can return it... Actually, Vista itself I quite like and the hardware is magnificent but I just keep wishing I had XP Pro on it. I have a first generation centrino notebook (1.4 Ghz, 1 GB 266Mhz RAM with 279 programmes installed) running XP Pro and the performance differences between it and the Intel Core 2 Duo machine with 2GB 667 Mhz RAM that I bought are not great enough to justify having made the purchase. That coupled with the number of times that I had to reboot the new computer and watch either a Toshiba utility or a Windows utility configure my machine has left me with a permanent tick... Seriously, it took about an hour and a half to get to the point where I was looking at the desktop - what happened to the good old days when you bought a notebook and the only thing you had to wait to "do" was run it off the battery? Note that what concerns me about the boot time with the new machine is that this is after using it with only StarOffice, Webroot Spysweeper with Antivirus, and YourUninstaller 2006 installed and surfing the web and noodling around with the StarOffice suite (wanted to get a sense of how it handled multitasking with something other than notepad and the Office 2007 demo). So, it's got fewer than 50 apps installed and runs 28 processes after booting to the desktop. My older Centrino has 279 apps installed and is running 46 processses after booting to desktop and does so in roughly the same amount of time as does Vista.

The new machine is more comfortable multi-tasking but it doesn't boot any more quickly and I might as well get my money back and wait until I *have* to upgrade my hardware before doing so. I backup my harddrive obsessively, so configuring a new machine in an emergency will be only slightly more aggravating than setting up the current one. The attraction of this is that the longer I wait, the sexier the hardware is going to be (and hopefully Vista will be that much better at utilizing the resources on offer).

Incidentally, I still have a PIIIE notebook running Win2k Sp-4 and it's still more than capable - runs Office 2003 just as quickly as the centrino does on half the RAM (512MB 100Mhz).

Sorry for the rambling and incoherent post...

Incidentally, I still have a PIIIE notebook running Win2k Sp-4 and it's still more than capable - runs Office 2003 just as quickly as the centrino does on half the RAM (512MB 100Mhz).
-Darwin (October 07, 2007, 12:28 PM)
--- End quote ---

Yup. Let's all go back to win2k!  ;) (that's 7 years ago... a long time in computer time... Amazing.)

Josh : apart from the 3 aspects F0dder mentioned earlier (DX10, Hybrid flash/harddrives, and Vista only apps) what would be, in your opinion, the benefits of switching to Vista now ?

Guess what - fired up the Win2k machine after I posted above and the monitor is shot (looks like something dropped on it...). It works but there's a big, inky black spider web in the upper right hand corner extenging into the middle of the screen  :( I guess I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for a parts machine going cheap. Too bad - I feel like I've lost an old friend.

Video: Anti Vista PSA... For anyone who ever wanted to hurl their computer out the window.

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