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Wanted: GNOME-style emblems for Windows XP?


My husband's computer runs Fedora Core 6, with the Gnome desktop (Nautilus file browser).  I am in love with the emblem feature--it lets you add little icons to files, folders, whatever so that they appear in the file browser with these little markers.  It does other nifty eye-candy things as well, like letting you add backgrounds to folders and so on.  The emblem feature would be highly useful for me, but I'm not yet in a position to switch to Linux myself (trust me, the day is coming very soon...).

Anyway, has anyone ever seen such a thing for Windows?  Or anything like it?

As for adding backgound to folders, you can do that in windows also. And it's quite easy, just can't recall how to do it right now.

As for the other part, that's called icon overlays.Here's an example of a thread discussing a program that does just that in windows :)

For changing folder backgrounds you can use Windowpaper XP (freeware) or Lovely Folders (Shareware).

I've also attached the utility that was in Windows 95/98/ME for changing backgrounds on folders. For some reason nothing like this was included in XP.
Included is some information regarding installation and a registry key so that you can add it to your folder context menu if you choose to do so.

All great stuff ... as normal on DC!

This may provoke a "duh" moment for me but how do you change the text color (or font) of a folder name in Windows Explorer view? :tease:



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