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Help/question re creating a key sequence

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Hi all,
I have an application that requres Alt+Shift+3 to activate.
Can I create a batch file that will perfrom this?
I'd like to put this in my quicklaunch bar, and click to activate.

thanks for any suggestions.


try this AHK code.. you need to put in the program's name, though.. :)

--- ---#SingleInstance, force

Process, Exist,<program-name>.exe
If ErrorLevel <> 0
  Send, +!3     ;Alt+Shift+3

Thanks for that...  but I have another quesion...  What about my useless function keys - is there a way to program a Function Key? (eg to do 'Alt Shift 3') ?

I'm sure a fancy keyboard could do this.. but I've got a plain old $10 model.
Seems like a waste to have those F keys since I hardly ever use them.

thanks again


--- ---F5::!+3That autohotkey code will remap your F5 to !(alt)+(shift)3 :D

For more info,just check here :)

Thanks... my autohotkey.ini file is below.  the first 2 lines are from the default ini that comes with a new install - should they be removed?  If I uncomment them AutoHotkey does not load.   The program (scrapture.exe) is working - when I press AltShift3 it does it's thing.  But the code below - when I press F5 does nothing.  I'm not a programmer and new to AutoHotkey - so I'm sure the problem is me... what do I need to change?   thanks



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