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Freeware Independent Game: Cave Story

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In summer? Ah, those Danish summers... Anyway, here it is. Pick your favourite.
-Lashiec (July 20, 2007, 06:38 PM)
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Thanks plenty, lashiec... my head feels like a watermelon in a microwave, or something like that. Yeah, tricky Danish summers, hot enough for shorts and tshirt one moment, cold the next. And so humid. Will check out the game when I feel a bit better :)

Ya, it's a reaaaally great game. I've played it many times.

Not sure why I never posted in this thread before, but I played Cave Story and loved it, too.

They're making a version of it for the Wii, and I believe Nifflas of "Knytt" and "Within a Deep Forest" and just recently "Saira" fame is helping with the port.

Should be great!


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