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new launcher just released

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PS: the phone number trick i am curious about, as i cant type 011 in farr without it launching something
-iphigenie (July 29, 2007, 04:18 PM)
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There's an option in farr, to not have the numbers launch the items but get typed in to the editbox instead.
Uncheck options -> interface -> digit keys launch results from search window ;)

Laughing Man:
Interesting launcher. I think the only thing I really liked (that may make me want to try it) is Google calendar. Though I do have rainlendar which doubles as calendar on my desktop (it has the ability to sync both ways to Google Calendar). The only thing is I setup my calendar so it's more specific then that (with recurrence or location, etc..).

Though it would be interesting to see something like that in Farr.  ;)

Dash is a nice launcher and shows some real promise (especially the stackbased approach). It has a long way to go though.
I got frustrated with it really quickly. The search method they used was really terrible. I was used to using Launchy and
could type "<program> <database>" for instance to start application "<program> <longname> <database>". This was impossible in Dash.
Dash only matched multiple words next to eachother. They just released a better matching algorithm for testing though, that might
have improved things.

Also the indexing had serious problems. First of all I really dislike indexing for instance every 20min or so. If I install a program for instance
I want it to be available right now. This is a problem with all index based launchers I believe, launchy included. The biggest problem was that
it only ADDED programs/files for indexing. It didn't remove them. Imagine moving a directory with 1000 mp3's and the old location keeps popping
up because it isn't removed. You could remove records manually but this isn't doable by any means.

By the way, looks really do matter a lot to me. When I'm using a program very very often I definitely want it to look good. Of course functionality
is more important but if I have the choice between a little less functionality but better looks I'll seriously be looking into the fact if I am going to
miss the functionality much. Keybreeze for instance I wouldn't even use (or maybe to see what it could do), it just looks ugly. When something
still looks like a win 3.11 or dos program these days then I'm really wondering if it's still up to date. It's one reason I looked into Dash as well,
it looks really good. Mouser did a great job with Farr 2 though. I actually like the looks better than Dash with some of the skins that are included
with Farr 2 now.

The best part of Farr is definitely the community though. Everyone is very helpful and open to suggestions  :D

PS: All in all Dash looks to be one of the better launchers in the future. I believe it just isn't there yet. Definitely an app to keep an eye out for though.


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