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FarrUninstall plugin - v1.02

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one thing that might be cool to think about for a future version:
when triggering on an app, instead of launching the uninstall dialog directly, what if it brought up a small dialog showing some info about the the program that could be installed, like:
directory size, last execution date, install date (dates could be inferred from file dates?),
and then with buttons for:
Uninstall, Browse Directory (which would launch explorer at the program directory), Google program name, or Close.

just an idea.

another thing you might want to consider: use the farr results list as an view that shows all uninstallable entries instead of just the results you specified. Then you're turning it into an add/remove replacement because you can choose possbile programs for uninstalling instead of just initiating an uninstall.

Don't know if you want this and if this is possible though. I guess I see FARR heading beyond the visual commandline metaphor and more of a quick data entry / reporting software (input plugins for connections, services, add/remove programs and output in different views/reports below it).

Don't forget you could always send TnS a donationcredit or two to say thanks.  8)

Great plugin.
One minor bug, though: When I uninstall an application via this plugin and then open the plugin again to uninstall another application it still shows the already uninstalled application, but now without the icon. Looks like a caching problem.


yeah it caches stuff to speed up search.
type: un `
to reload uninstall list


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