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Looking for a video splitter, pref. one that batches

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thanks for the report.. good old eo video saves the day again -- i've actually used it for converting Quicktime (or was it Real) video in the past and it did an admirable job.

if you ever feel like doing a "mini-review" on the forum of eo video as a way of giving them some well deserved attention, please consider it.  it's probably a program that others could benefit from learning about.

yup. thought about doing so yesterday but was too tired. hopefully, will have it up on the weekend

In case it's of any use in the future, there are several converters around, many with file splitting based on size, and some that do batches, but in my opinion Avisynth would probably produce the best, quickest result. The caveat: it can get complicated because of the sheer volume of plug-ins & functions available and their settings -- if interested it's often best to post and ask in the avisynth forum.

A *very simple* use would be to write the script using Directshowsource I think with the wmv filename, opening that in VirtualDub, selecting fast recompress & your new desired final codec, then saving a segmented avi. V/Dub handles some batch processing. The advantage is that the image will be decoded using MS software, as it would be used in wmplayer, but kept as much as possible in it's original format & presented to the new codec that way -- it's both fast and very accurate, used by enthusiasts and pros worldwide. with forums on

Thanks mikiem. Will try it out

Whatever happened to eo video?


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