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Announcing Winners of the (first?) Find and Run Robot Plugin Programming Contest

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Josh and I are happy to announce the winners of the Find and Run Robot Plugin Programming Contest.

The grand prize winner is Tachimaster, who lived up to his name and mastered the plugin sdk completely.
He wrote four amazing plugins, and even went so far as to make them updatable using the dcupdate tool:

* Plugin: A default printer switcher
* Plugin: An active process killer
* Plugin: A service stopper/starter
* Plugin: A network connection browser
Taichi will win a high-end copy of Borland's Developer Studio (C++ Builder, Delphi, etc) , and a copy of Microsoft's Visual Studio Standard (unless he has it).

Congratulations Taichi!  :Thmbsup:

Runner up is Hamradio, who wrote a nice plugin for generating random passwords/emails, but who also did some amazing work helping build the FARR 2 icons and rearranging the new alias files.  For his plugin work and other contributions, we have awarded him a copy of Borland's Turbo C++ Pro.

Congratulations HamRadio!  :Thmbsup:

Both coders also receive a Plugin Writer Mug with Cody's Picture on it, and we will still be giving out these mugs to future plugin writers, while supplies last!

(Taichi and HamRadio please contact us through email or irc to claim your prizes).

Thanks guys!  :Thmbsup:

Congratulations for your wonderfull plugins !!!

if you feel the urge to code other plugins, i'm still waiting for :

- msn plugin
- itunes/winamp plugin


Keep up the good work !

[edit] oups i forgot ... one to switch the active window (alt+tab replacement)

Congrats.  Now where is that programming plugins for dummies book?

Thanks everyone. :)


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