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Req: command line option "Run and Quiet"


Hi Mouser,

is it possible to add an command line option please
to execute Dr.Windows one time and let it quiet after that immediately?

%SystemRoot%\DrWindows.exe /instant help.cfg

Dr.Windows should read the .CFG, show the MsgBox and disappears immediately.
There should be no TNA Icon showed in this mode.

I would use this to show me some message boxes providing help from Total Commander menu.

Thank you


And for the ToDo-List an other idea:
Returning an error level in this mode would be handy too for an use in DOS batch.

Button: &I doubt it;1 returning error level 1
Button: &Yes, that's normal;2 returning error level 2

%SystemRoot%\DrWindows.exe /instant question.cfg
If Not Errorlevel 2 GoTo Continue
GoTo End

Another idea:
An time out option would be handy too in this instand mode.

Timeout: 10 sec


Are you trying to use Dr.Windows for a real non-joke purpose?  :'( :huh: :o

Yes i thought like this way  :D

Dr. Windows is very nice and easy to set up the dialogs (only missing the possibility to execute an cmd)
and can be of use for other things but jokes.

But i can  use my AHK script

or an VBScript also for the things i need it.


I like Dr. Windows as is. :p Scripting it to do something other than it's original, harmless purpose is wrong. >:o


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