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Working with (display+format+restructure) big amount of data (text+graphics)?

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Many thanks for the feedback and clarifications about yWriter, Tom.

I just sent an email to Sébastien -- CbC's developper. Waiting for an answer.  :)

Will report back here!

Thanks again!

Sorry to revive this old thread. But I received a message from DBC, a DC member. She/he says :

"I really liked topic=9205.0. How does the quest end?"

So here's a follow up... Since I promised one a long time ago.

At the beginning of this thread, i was trying to solve an organizational problem and my main points were :

What I need [...] :

- a unified view of all the data (one reason for that is that I want to be able to zoom out and see a lot of material at once, I want to be able to jump from page 1 to page 1052 in a second, etc.).
- an outlined view of the chapters, parts, sections, etc., (MS Word does that : Outline View, and Document Map)
- a very easy way to reorganize the order of the different sections,
- a file format that’s indexable (or a database that’s indexable – X1, Archivarius are the Desktop Search solutions I use -- It's just not a good way to use an internal searching engine, separate from the rest of my files!!!),
- an editing solution which allows the same kind of formatting ability, Bold, Italic, bullets, cross referencing, etc. that MS word, OpenOffice or any advanced word processor will provide (to me, formatting is not just fuss : it gives the document a hierarchical outline, makes it easier to read, find info... to me it's not just a matter of content first, form after...),
- the ability to access my data and READ it on an other computer relatively easily. (I might be willing to cede on that one though...)

--- End quote ---

Until February 2008, I mostly used  MS Word documents and a naming scheme detailed here :

How do you tag (or even organize) your files?

(I still use this naming scheme, as it can be used everywhere and works wonders even with my current solution... But I don't use MS Word or other documents format as much)

Then, after that, I slowly started using InfoQube (IQ), as some here already know. All the problems mentioned above have pretty much been resolved with IQ... and more. Much more.

There is already plenty of info about IQ here on DC, so I won't start all over again. I'm willing to answer specific questions though... :)


Thank you for satisfying my curiosity. It was a very interesting thread. As you comment, InfoQube does seem versatile enough to resolve many of the problems. My current setup has been Grandview (DOS) for outlining, Zoot 5 for information management and further organisation of data, and then Notetab and finally Word for drafting. This has worked fairly well for articles and a couple of edited books. I was hoping that Zoot 6 beta would be a gigantic leap forward, but so far the main thrust of the beta has been on communications (email, RSS, Twitter, cloud, etc) rather than writing. While waiting to see what else is in store (Zoot now has rtf, for example), I've been looking for other possible solutions. Both ConnectedText and IQ are on my list, and both (like Zoot) don't seem to give up their secrets easily...



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