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Working with (display+format+restructure) big amount of data (text+graphics)?

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(this is the sequel of an exchange between TomColvin, Darwin and Armando started at

Armando, thanks for referring me to your other thread -- lots of interesting commentary there.  The problem you describe there is EXACTLY the one I've been struggling with for over a year -- along with the additional requirement to track my growing bibliography.

I use askSAM myself, but now only for a database about Philippine monuments.  I just couldn't get it to do what I wanted, when it came to my book research project.  I'm now working with the new version of Biblioscape 7 -- now up to version 7.14, which seems to have fixed the bugs that were bothering me a few weeks ago.  And, as a result of this forum, I've just started using WhizFolders, which I hope will allow me to bring countless word, pdf and data files together.  We'll see...

Darwin, CbC isn't just for book start up.  I was already well into my project when I discovered it.  I cut & pasted all my chapters done up to that point into CbC.  I've discovered that even at the advanced stage of my work, I still move things around a bit -- and CbC makes that simple.  Also I like the chapter-by-chapter word count, which gives me a good sense of how far along I am.  Perhaps the most useful feature is one I haven't yet needed -- the ability to meld lots of separate chapter files into one single document, available for serious work -- pagination, headers-footers, endnotes, indexing, etc.

I am still searching for an easy way to save "versions" as I move along with each chapter.

Mouser, will be very interested to read your evaluation of CbC after you've had a chance to play around with it.

I'm amazed at how little information there is available about the various approaches to the problems Mouser describes.  Certainly, many writers face the same challenge -- but no one seems to have explored this problem and come up with several well-outlined options writers might follow.

-TomColvin (September 01, 2007, 11:24 PM)
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As far as I'm concerned, this (the organizational problem at the hearth of this thread) is an unfinished issue... Of course, I've come up with some intermediary solutions, but I'm not completely statisfied yet. I will check the software you’re proposing (not immediately… I have some urgent stuff to take care off before. I’ll have more time in a week or so.)
Chapter by Chapter looks like it has great potential. I haven’t tried Biblioscape 7 (I’m using EndNote — provided by my university), and I’ve never tried WhizFolders either… Wow. Some new programs to evaluate!
I’ll report ASAP!

PS. By the way, you mention
I'm amazed at how little information there is available about the various approaches to the problems Mouser describes.  -TomColvin (September 01, 2007, 11:24 PM)
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I wonder what post you're refering too; or did you just mix up some names?

Armando, yep my brain wasn't in gear...   Mouser is following this thread but hasn't said much yet -- you're the one driving this discussion.

Re EndNote & Biblioscape:  I evaluated ENDNOTE.  I like it clean appearance, very easy to use.  And if one want strictly to manage bibliography and citations, it's a good way to go.  Biblioscape reaches well beyond that, in my view, becoming a reference manager, rather than simply a citation tool.

I'm running into a little problem with WhizFolders.  I bought the Deluxe version to get the tables feature, which I need for something I'm working on right now.  I'm getting it to work, but everytime I open the program, it tells me that it was shut down improperly the last time -- then it has a cryptic message about the program's use of a Microsoft Rich Text ddl, that sometimes messes things up.  So far, I'm only suffering the irration of the nag screen.  I'll write the developer when I get a chance to see just what's going on.  Otherwise, I'm liking the program.

thanks for posting here tom!  :up:
I'll be really happy test these apps when I have more time! I have some huge decisions to make (to leave my Ph.D. program or to... hang on patiently  ).
i'll report here, of course.  :)

I still have to evaluate biblioscape but, in the mean time, I've managed to install Chapter by Chapter, and have started using it. I like it! Looks like it's going to help me to work on my thesis.
By any chance, are you able to have Chapter by Chapter appear in the taskbar rather than the tray?
I've also seen (at your website ) that you tried yWriter. Did you like it?

Armando, yWriter is particularly slanted toward novelists, and probably will not match your needs -- it grew out of the annual Novel in a Month program which puts writers on a schedule each November.  One feature I have found very interesting is an interesting structure to help one graph one's way toward novel completion within the 30-day time limit.

Your query sent me back to the developer's site [], which I haven't visited for over half a year -- and I must thank you for the prodding.  The software is now on version 3, with what are obviously major improvements.  I've downloaded this version [I originally looked at version 1] and will look into it during the week and post to my blog about my findings.  He's also, since my last visit, posted a number of new programs that look interesting.

Regarding Chapter-by-Chapter, there's been an update since you downloaded it, with just a few, but important improvements.  The developer is very approachable, so I suggest you email him direct with your question.  As I recall, you can find his contact info at his website at




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