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FARR v2 (v2.00.126) Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right

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Jesper Hertel:
I have just downloaded FARR v2.00.126 and it looks very cool! :Thmbsup:

One thing really bothers me though :(: The Windows standard keys Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right for moving one word left or right has been overridden! :( Now Ctrl+Left deletes the word to the left of the cursor! For me it's almost like overriding the Left and Right arrow keys to delete the characters to the left or right of the cursor... Couldn't you use a keyboard combination that is not a Windows standard, like Alt+Shift+Left/Right or something like that? Or could there at least be an option to turn this behaviour off? Otherwise I will find it very hard to shift from v1 to v2 of FARR - and I have really been looking so much forward to version 2!! I use Ctrl+Left/Right all the time to navigate in whatever I write, more than I use Left/Right without modifier keys (!), so it's central for me not to have to be aware not to press Cltr+Left in FARR (especially because it deletes my text!!!).

Please????  :)

Another vote for this!!!!
(even though it was me the one who asked for ctrl-backspace which lead to ctrl-left and alt-left ;))

what if i restored ctrl+left and right and left alt+left and right to do this custom behavior in farr.

when on earth to you need to put the cursor back a word without deleting it when using farr?

when on earth to you need to put the cursor back a word without deleting it when using farr?
-mouser (July 11, 2007, 05:18 PM)
--- End quote ---
I don't usually use it, but i do use it when using fcalc, (when you have a number lika 12340943756, you just press 1 key to go back to its begining).

I also use it when searching for directories. If type the wrong first letter, i press ctrl-left to go back to its begining, and right now that has bad results. ;)

I think you could leave alt+left/right doing what they do right now, since that makes some sense given the fact that alt+left/right go back and forward in history in windows explorer. But ctrl+left/right really should act as they do in most editboxes.

ok that's fine with me as long as i can leave alt left working as is.


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