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Perl scripting using Vista's speach recognition! Awesome!

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WOW™ I didn't even know this was built into every Vista machine!

Although that is definitelly a faliure in terms of speech recognition aimed at programming, i actually find that impressive!
They way it deletes words, corrects words and such is very impressive!
Also, it can recognize "normal" text very well. I look forward to using this myself :)

Not to spoil the party, but to those who can, try the speech recognition in Vista to see how far it is from science fiction concepts. Could be a side effect of a poor implementation, so probably the experience with ViaVoice or Dragon Naturally Speaking is far better.

Anyway, the predictions of death for the mouse+keyboard combo are greatly exaggerated. Controlling a computer via speech is the slowest thing I saw since I tried to work with 20 tabs open in Firefox. Really, it transforms a brand new computer in a Spectrum. That said, it's pretty cool ;D

Laughing Man:
There is something I wanted to do with speech recognition though. Controlling media players. I use my laptop in my car for navigation sometimes. But it'd be nice if I could say.. "Play Music" or "Play Muse" and it would play whatever music I have in a playlist..

Haven't figured that out yet though. :( Next idea for a donation coder project? haha..

That reminds me of the most hilarious phase during our test (me and some friends) of the speech capabilities of Vista. We wanted to control Windows Media Player, and everything was going well, until we tried to "Pause" the song. I'll tell you, it was simply impossible. We tried every single pronunciation of the word, and everytime we tried, WMP closed itself. And according to the PC owner, in Spanish it was even worse, as the player just sit there, while the control window screamed that it didn't understand ;D

Imagine what could happen in a car...


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