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Forum for Linux software?

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It's been some time since I've left the Windows world for Ubuntu, and the only thing I really miss are the utilities found on this web site (and I hate the damn way the us int. keyb layout works on Linux).

So I was wondering if it would be possible to have a forum dedicated to Linux talk, to share tips and cool software.

I know there are already several other Linux communities, but nothing like DC could be, IMHO.

Thanks for reading!

- Ivan V.

That would be cool, but content drives community. Would you be willing to write some mini-reviews of your favs? I'm considering writing up one on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10-SP1 later this month. I'm the pickiest bastard I know on software, and even I've been impressed by what's happened on the Linux side for the past 18 months. Interesting, indeed. Here's a few places to start:

              — FreshMeat Repository
              — The Linux Alternative Project
              — Windows-Linux Equivalents
              — IceWalkers
              — FileWatcher

Oh sure, I'd participate.

I've learned a lot of cool tricks for the past few months, and I'd love to share them here.

I don't use that many applications (mostly just Swiftfox and NetBeans), but I'd share what I know of the ones I do use.

Oh, and thanks for the links!

Ivan V.

I don't support the idea of having a linux forum, and i think i have good reasons for that:
-It could tear the community appart between those interested in linux and those interested in windows.
-It'd generate repeated posts for cross-platform apps

What i do support, is posts about linux software on the general software discussion forum, and more and more threads like this one, which go towards a join of both worlds.

*jgpaiva dreams of a world where Operating Systems won't be a barrier for software ;)

I'd agree with jgpaiva, since I think DC supports good software, wherever we find it. I don't use a Mac, and I'm not going to try to get people to switch to GNU/Linux, but it'd be nice for persistent dual-booters like myself to see what others like and contribute. Moreover, I think a classic problem with many forums is that they grow too vast, spread themselves too thin, and thus become useless. I have a hard enough time keeping up with GENERAL SOFTWARE DISCUSSION and the LIVING ROOM!  :-)


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