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DC SMF Search Mod - an improvement search for smf forum (codename Zillarank)

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I am not an expert. There is a great deal more material out there on the Net and elsewhere, so if anybody is interested they should read further.
I just didn't want some of the people new to the issues at hand here to start out with a skewed concept that all copyright is evil.
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Thx tinjaw, that makes up for my lackluster business law class ;)

Yes I have no problem with SMF and I dont doubt it's the best forum software on the far.

I guess I'm just not a fan of meritocracy/elitism, which is SMF dev about, IMO.  :)

A reply i posted which addresses some of the "why" issues that cranioscopical suggested i tackle...
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My concerns in this case are not about paying for stuff - i'm just objecting to what i perceive as an inappropriate attitude and approach from smf management, which i fear may be a sign of them moving in wrong direction in terms of management and maintenance.
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A lot of heat's been generated by a rude and ungrateful response from SMF. 'Un-words' abound for such behaviour, without a doubt; unintelligent, uncouth, uncooperative, unimaginative...

Even so,
Are you sure that, had you first sought a written permission it would not have been granted?
And are you sure that nobody in the SMF hierarchy is both senior enough to waive the requirement and intelligent enough to see the advantage in what you offer?

Anyway, many thanks -- again -- to you and Wordzilla for the very significant inprovements to the search function here.  Boy, what a difference!


I was "playing" online and came across your site.  With great interest I read this thread.  I have had similar experiences with SMF, however, I do understand their position.

Firstly, not to offend anyone here, but I think both sides are overreacting.  SMF's policy is showing, especially after the recent Joomla nonsense.  But SMF has been firm and never swayed in their position, since forever.  This is their way of keeping control and quality.  It is just the way it is. 

All SMF is saying is you must have permission to distribute their code.  Will they give you permission? Very highly unlikely....  Do they give you the tools and support to be able to make modifications to their code?  A resounding YES!

Do I like the idea of the package installer? Not really.... pain in the butt versus straight file replacement.  However, using the package installer has benefits if other Mods had change a specific file. 

Actually you have 2 choices here in distributing changes to their code. 
1. Is to somehow get the uninstall to work, and I feel confident someone on SMF could help. 
2. List the file modifications on your site here noting how to make changes.  In theory, you could list the entire file contents in a forum board where people can copy it and use it, as long as you do not remove the Copyright.

At this link:
...there is a largely displayed, highlighted line that says:
You can modify the source code, distribute instructions to modify it, you can view the code and suggest improvements to it.
--- End quote ---

I have not seen nor used any of your SMF Mods, and right now I cannot see any of them.  I was hoping I could see them, hence, why I am here.  If you cannot get the package manager to properly uninstall, again, you could ask on SMF what to do, or you could maybe create a new board here, where only postings or comments could be made by the Mod developers.  Then the Mod developer could list the code, or sections of modified code.  Then members/visitors here could copy/paste the modifications.

.....just a thought.

OK guys, feel free to try latest mod (uploaded)

Works with SMF 1.1.3


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