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mm, I cant imagine what the event that will trigger the scanning and grabing would be

I suppose some kind of browser indegration or a way to see what webpages I visit from within the browser

URL Snooper can nicely grab and list all links on the pages you visit. Just click on sniff and go to your browser and start browsing. Even you can tell URL Snooper to filter listed ;links with any text you want. This is a great software but unfortunatly I wanted it to go through all pages and save links without me surfing those pages. Pitty it can't do this


Very good point, steve!
I haven't tried it, but that method does seem to work :D

thanks steve

however I doubt if sniffing is accurate and reliable

as for what you need, a web spider/crawler would do that, but I dont know any good one

I get this error :(


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