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Which MP3 player/management software do you use?

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Foobar :)

I have used pretty much all of the ones mentioned so far and I must say that for management and organisation I never went back to media monkey after trying jriver media centre. Never tried the pay version though.

I used foobar a while for "lightweight" player but lately it has been videolan - handles album sample streams from emusic better than jriver does, so I use it for that.

kmp is the one I use for viewing dvds

But for music, i keep going back to media centre - especially with the remote library things which means i can play all my music from my laptop without having it all stored on said laptop!

I hope it's ok with masu that I jump in on this thread. I'd also like to find an "easy to use mp3 management software".

I've tried some organizers (Winamp for a long time) but they've had too many windows and special features. The root problem is that many of them seem to aspire to be an all-in-one player/organizer/tagger/ripper/browser package.

I currently use Xmplay for playing and for the current playlist and I plan to stick with that. But the built in library in Xmplay is very limited so I've given up on using that.

As library/manager/organizer for files, folders and playlist files I just use Windows Explorer and reasonably well-ordered collection of artist-album folders which I sort alphabethically. I've set the view mode for the root folder to "thumbnails" and have a "folder.jpg" image in many of the folders which makes browsing pretty easy.

Now, I'd love to find some lightweight music organizer that enhances what I currently get from Explorer but without trying to replace Xmplay.

Here's a more detailed list of wanted (+) and not wanted (-) features:
+ as fast as Explorer, or faster
+ something similar to the combo thumbnails view mode and folder.jpg files in Explorer, only more slimmed. For example, Explorer forces a lot of unneccesary horizontal and vertical space between folders.
+ Minimalistic GUI. Top toolbars like a classic explorer window: one small row with an adress box, some menu items, some buttons (back, forward, up ...), search box. And then one big folder view area below that -- not multiple rows and columns of subwindows like in winamp. Ideally, the "normal" width of the whole application should only be 20 to 25% of the total screen width (I'm thinking 2, 3 or 4 album thumbnails per row).
+ tabbed interface for different folders. 5 or so tabs would be enough. Also, an option to display some tabs with some folders in some order each time the program is started (maybe through a /tabs.ini command line switch or something similar)
+ live search toolbar (not sidebar a la Explorer)
+ live filter toolbar (ideally a combined search/filter toolbar. For example, CTRL+"sometext" can trigger filtering, "sometext" trigger searching)
+ some advanced search tools like wildcards, searching one tab/all tabs, filter in/out, tab based searching/filtering, incremental searching/filtering (that is, limiting later searches to previous search results)
+ customizable hotkey & mouse-combo actions (either built in or possible to add through autohotkey). For example, middle-mouse click on a folder thumbnail could trigger playing the folders music files in Xmplay, ctrl+middle click could play it in Winamp.

- history/statistics tools
- player
- tagging tools
- browser
- audio editor
- ripper
- lyrics tool

I've so far ruled out melomania, godfather, musikCube, MediaMonkeys, Winamp and music IP after browsing their sites and in some cases testdriving. But maybe I've judged prematurely here so feel free to show me wrong.

I use MediaMonkey, but I had to disassociate all music files.  MediaMonkey removes the icons and gives all music tracks -- regardless of file type -- the same icon and file type name - MediaMonkey file. So it is difficult to distinguish as to which are .mp3 files, which are .wma files, etc.  Someone came up with a very long drawn out way to reverse this but it is overly complicated and doesn't "stick".

MediaMonkey is good at tagging and organizing - as long as you don't care which types of files are which!  (BTW, this has been a feature request for about two years that I know of, but no indication from the developer.)

In the meantime I have all sound files associated with WMP 11.

+1 on MediaMonkey :)


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