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Which MP3 player/management software do you use?

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foobar2000 of course, combined with Mp3tag. A thread here with some discussion about the first one, including urlwolf before he abandoned us ;D

MediaMonkey rocks, IMHO.

KMPlayer gets my vote - I found it thanks to BearBottoms site.  It's an extremely clean interface and so far has done everything I want - video and audio both, though I do much more audio. 
Things I like:
- Since I organize my music by folder it allows easy selection of a folder
- It plays by album (though Album has a different meaning for KMP as well)
- It can easily record from an Audio stream - easily being the relevant world
- It has an incredible number of bells and whistles, but they're hidden where they don't bother me till I need them.
- free, not-proprietary, no ads

I cant tell much difference between them all, but the one ive grown to like is mediamonkey 3.  It has all the sorting tagging and what not that i need.  Its still an Alpha build and it crashes sometimes but hey, i reckon it sounds better than version 2 which is the stable one.

Second Shadow:
MediaMonkey rocks, IMHO.
-ivanv (July 11, 2007, 10:00 AM)
--- End quote ---

I second that. For large libraries, the management features of MediaMonkey are hard to beat. I'm using version 2, but version 3 is in alpha/beta stage and looks very promising.


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