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Which MP3 player/management software do you use?

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I am looking for an easy to use MP3 Player management Software:

nice one, but IMO it is too slow

So I am looking for an alternative

too crowded with all the different windows
-masu (July 07, 2007, 04:33 AM)
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MP3s only?  Then WMP 11 will do this as good as any.

I myself just switched to foobar and I'm liking it, I haven't configured it or any thing yet, lol..

it's damn fast though.. some thing which winamp and wmp11 aren't good at being.

Another vote for foobar.  I use foobar as my player.  I use mp3rat and mp3 collector for cataloging the files.  You will not find a software that will make it faster and easier to locate mp3 files than Mp3Rat.  unfortunately, it hasn't been updated for years, and there are a few little bugs in it.  For example, when it reads the tag information for creating the database, I always see a bunch of weird symbols in the fields.  Like "Garth Brooks" sometimes looks like "Garth Brooks&^%(^[email protected]".  But it's no big deal because it doesn't affect the search at all.  Another thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have a smooth updating feature to keep the database current with the most recently added files.  Also, it crashes a lot when it's building the database.  I know all this makes it sound bad, but if all these things were fixed, it would be the best program for finding local mp3 files out there by far.

MP3 collector ( is the other program I use.  I use this for keeping track of archives of my collections (on cd or DVD, ie not on the computer).  It's a great program, lots of features, very flexible and powerful.  Unfortunately, it doesn't have Unicode support and it doesn't receive a lot of attention from the developers because it is the least popular program of their suite.

That's a common thing I've discovered about these mp3 organizing.  There are very few to no good dedicated mp3 organizers out there.  Most probably, the demand for these programs are very very small, that's why nobody is making a good, updated one.  Any program that organizes mp3 files is most probably integrated inside a software package that is also a player, tagger, who knows what else.  I don't have a problem with that as some of these suites are very good.  But I find that none of them do all of the things the best, so you will compromise features if you stick to one or another.

mp3rat is awesome, bottom line.

For a MP3 collector alternative, you could use one of the many CD//DVD cataloguers around. They probably support Unicode and some of them are free as well. Besides, you'll get freed from Collectorz curse ;)

A question: what is a MP3 organizer? For me, either Mp3tag or foobar are valid candidates to that. They tag files, reorganize folders based on metadata information, they're fast for searching songs, they give a general view over big collections... What else are you looking for in an organizer?


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